Renaming Waxosuit to waSCC

Wherein a prototype aims toward maturity

Some of you who have found your way to this website might have seen references to something called waxosuit in your travels. When the original experiment started, I set out to create a “WebAssembly exosuit”, a shell into which you could place your WebAssembly module that would then connect your code with cloud-native capabilities and satisfy your non-functional requirements.

The goal of that experiment (there is a whitepaper forthcoming) was to learn. I wanted to learn what was technically possible, what was difficult, what was easy, and most importantly, what people needed and wanted in the “WebAssembly in the cloud” ecosystem.

Now that the original experiment is over and I am in the process of gathering up everything I’ve learned from it and using that to fuel the roadmap for waSCC, I thought it was worth at least posting to clear things up.

Waxosuit refers to the original experiment designed to build something rapidly, get it into people’s hands rapidly, and learn from that usage and exposure. Waxosuit was not intended to be a final-stage product that people could take directly to production. It was a prototype.

That part of the experiment is over and we’re now moving into the next phase. This is where waSCC becomes a suite of open source tools and libraries to facilitate the development of WebAssembly actors that can run anywhere–in the cloud, at the edge, on your laptop, on embedded devices, as IoT hubs, and much more.

Kevin Hoffman

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