Assembly Mechs: Beyond WasmDome

Assembly Mechs: Beyond WasmDome is a game experiment we launched in order to learn more about waSCC, gather feedback from players and developers, and validate our assumptions about our WebAssembly actor runtime.

WasmDome Match

The back-end engine of this project was created using waSCC actors and the competitive robots created by player-developers were also waSCC actors. Another enabling technology that made this game possible was lattice.

For more information on the process we went through in designing the game, refactoring its architecture, implementing it, and building it out online, check out the various relevant documentation sections.


The following are two video tutorials that we created for building mechs, running offline matches, and finally competing online in a lattice-based arena.

Assembly Mechs: Beyond Wasmdome Offline Tutorial

Assembly Mechs: Beyond Wasmdome Online Tutorial

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