Going Containerless with WebAssembly (KubeCon EU 2020 Amsterdam)

WebAssembly is the Future of Distributed Computing

Feb 19, 2020 9:22 AM

WebAssembly is the future of distributed computing. This session explains what WebAssembly is, how it works outside the browser, and why people at a cloud conference should take notice. Attendees will learn how, with the use of a few open source projects, building functions and services in WebAssembly can be easier, faster, and more secure than building traditional services. Demonstrations will include building systems that engage in low-level, RPC-style communication between the runtime host and guest module, then advancing to the examination of a host runtime written in Rust that dynamically and securely binds zero-trust WebAssembly functions and services with high-privilege capability plugins like message broker providers, key-value stores, and more (also written in WebAssembly!).

You can find the official KubeCon / CloudNativeCon 2020 EU Amsterdam schedule entry here.

Kevin Hoffman

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