WebAssembly Summit (Sunnyvale, CA)

Building a Containerless Future with WebAssembly

Feb 10, 2020 9:08 AM

WebAssembly is the future of distributed computing. Its security, memory isolation, small footprint, and true portability are all advantages on the web, but become truly game-changing when used to build functions and services deployed in the cloud. This session illustrates how to host WebAssembly modules in Rust code, how to build modules in many different languages (including pros and cons of each), and how to securely grant cloud-native capabilities to these modules. Discussed in detail is the current state of the art in WebAssembly and what can be built with it today. Learn what developers can start doing now to build the containerless future where WebAssembly modules are the de-facto unit of immutable deployment in the cloud, at the edge, and even in IoT and embedded devices.

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Kevin's Presentation


You can find the slides for this presentation here

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