Running the Host

To run this sample, first make sure you don’t have anything currently using the local network port 8081 and then do cargo run with the RUST_LOG environment variable set to cranelife_wasm=warn,info (this silences the wasm JIT spam). If this environment variable is unset or set to a less verbose level, then you won’t see much information, if any at all, on your console.

Running the Program

$ RUST_LOG=cranelift_wasm=warn,info cargo run
    Finished dev [unoptimized + debuginfo] target(s) in 0.10s
     Running `target/debug/hellorunner`
[2019-12-10T15:35:04Z INFO  wascc_host::authz] Discovered capability attestations: wascc:http_server
[2019-12-10T15:35:04Z INFO  wascc_host::host] Adding actor MCYQSR5WIOABHZP6Z3SG67REVC2QDCYAHUVXHUSSLFWNO55OZ3O33MKR to host
[2019-12-10T15:35:04Z INFO  wascc_host::host] Loading actor module...
[2019-12-10T15:35:13Z INFO  wascc_host::host] Actor MCYQSR5WIOABHZP6Z3SG67REVC2QDCYAHUVXHUSSLFWNO55OZ3O33MKR ready for communications, capability: false
[2019-12-10T15:35:13Z INFO  wascc_host::capability] Loaded capability: wascc:http_server, native provider: waSCC Default HTTP Server (Actix Web)
[2019-12-10T15:35:13Z INFO  wascc_httpsrv] Dispatcher configured.
[2019-12-10T15:35:13Z INFO  wascc_host::host] Native capability provider 'wascc:http_server' ready
[2019-12-10T15:35:13Z INFO  wascc_host::host] Attempting to configure actor MCYQSR5WIOABHZP6Z3SG67REVC2QDCYAHUVXHUSSLFWNO55OZ3O33MKR for capability wascc:http_server
[2019-12-10T15:35:13Z INFO  wascc_host::host] Capability wascc:http_server received invocation for target wascc:http_server
[2019-12-10T15:35:13Z INFO  wascc_httpsrv] Handling operation `BindActor` from `system`
[2019-12-10T15:35:13Z INFO  wascc_httpsrv] Received HTTP Server configuration for MCYQSR5WIOABHZP6Z3SG67REVC2QDCYAHUVXHUSSLFWNO55OZ3O33MKR
[2019-12-10T15:35:13Z INFO  actix_server::builder] Starting 8 workers
[2019-12-10T15:35:13Z INFO  actix_server::builder] Starting server on

Depending on the version of wascc-host you’re using, your output may differ a little bit, but the basic idea should remain the same. We can see that we’re adding our MCYQS... actor to the host runtime, and we’re adding a native capability provider for the wascc:http_server capability.

Next, you can see the call to BindActor being managed by the host runtime, setting up the instance of an HTTP server for our actor. Immediately after that, you can see the HTTP server (in our case, Actix Web) bring up a new instance.

To exercise your brand new microservice that has nearly zero boilerplate, issue the following curl command:

$ curl localhost:8081 | jq
  % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current
                                 Dload  Upload   Total   Spent    Left  Speed
100    26  100    26    0     0  26000      0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:-- 26000
  "data": 21,
  "hello": "world"

The jq command just gives us some nice printing (as well as powerful querying) JSON capabilities.

You should see output that looks similar to the following in your service’s terminal window:

[2019-12-10T15:38:43Z INFO  wascc_host::host] Capability wascc:http_server received invocation for target MCYQSR5WIOABHZP6Z3SG67REVC2QDCYAHUVXHUSSLFWNO55OZ3O33MKR
[2019-12-10T15:38:43Z INFO  wapc] Wasm Guest: Performing guest call, operation - HandleRequest
[2019-12-10T15:38:43Z INFO  actix_web::middleware::logger] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 200 26 "-" "curl/7.65.3" 0.001570


Errors like the following mean that one or more of your actor or module file paths are incorrect and the host can’t find them:

Error: Error(IO(Os { code: 2, kind: NotFound, message: "No such file or directory" }))

An error like the following means that you forgot to sign your actor’s module, or that you are pointing to hello.wasm instead of hello_signed.wasm:

Error: Error(Authorization("No embedded JWT in actor module"))

The following error indicates that list of claims in the signed module you’re using doesn’t include wascc:http_server:

Error: Error(Authorization("Actor MCYQSR5WIOABHZP6Z3SG67REVC2QDCYAHUVXHUSSLFWNO55OZ3O33MKR is not authorized to use capability wascc:http_server, configuration rejected"))


You have built your first actor and service using waSCC. Now it’s time to explore the library some more and, more importantly, explore the possibilities of building secure services in the cloud, at the edge, or anywhere else with WebAssembly.